Eugene Office 365 Migration

By leveraging Microsoft 365, you gain a full-featured, cloud-based productivity tool that can help you expand your footprint and grab more market share.


Ask Erik’s team will help you migrate to Microsoft 365!

Productivity software is the backbone of your organization. We have had great success with Microsoft Office 365 in terms of workflow and collaboration. We have a migration protocol to move your data with little to no disruption.

Microsoft 365 gives you:

  • Incredible Mobility Capability– Allow employees to access their applications and files securely and work on them from any location.
  • Collaborate Efficiently– Enable staff to share documents with Microsoft 365 OneDrive! Provide employees and customers a quick and simple way to collaborate on projects giving your business a boost in productivity.
  • Security– Microsoft data centers are some of the most secure in the world. Need industry-standard certifications or need to meet federal, state, and local government standards? Choose Microsoft 365.
  • Scalable– Microsoft Office 365 is a platform that has a per-user rate scale, it is simple to grow as you do.
  • Included Upgrades– Software upgrades are included in the cost! You automatically get the latest and greatest version of Microsoft 365.

Why partner with Ask Erik for your Microsoft 365 needs?

  • Business-class email
  • Technical support – Quick response.
  • Direct billing – We’ll deal with Microsoft on your behalf.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an easy-to-use office management system.  The Microsoft 365 bundle includes options to address complicated compliance and security requirements. Microsoft 365 comes in two versions: businesses of up to 300 users and an enterprise version.

  • Microsoft 365 Business adds restrictions against unauthorized access to business apps, controls for email that limit the ability to forward attachments, and pre-breach threat resistance baked into Windows 10 with Windows Defender Exploit Guard. Securely configure remote PCs and mobile devices to automatically deploy base components to Windows 10 PCs, for faster delivery of new computers.
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise has three options: E5, E3, and F1. The E5 edition includes Advanced Threat Protection, security, and collaboration tools.

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