Quickbooks not working? – Intuit Multi-User Quickbooks Problems Solved.

We Solve Quickbooks issues for Businesses in Lane County, OR.

Is your QuickBooks multi-user mode not working?

Here are some common areas to start looking:

  • QuickBooks is not installed on the server.
  • Possibly that the hosting settings are not properly configured.
  • Firewall or antivirus software is not allowing communication between user computers.
  • The database server is unable to open the company file.
  • Windows file permissions are not properly set.

To resolve this, here are some troubleshooting steps that we can perform:


First, check the folder permissions on your server computer, so we can make sure that the folder holding your company files has permission to be on your network.


Second, make sure that the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is installed on your server computer. This way, your company files will be shared with other computers over your network.


Next, set the Windows admin rights. This will let you change your firewall settings and folder permissions.


Then, scan your folder using the Database Server Manager to access your file over the network.