When Something Seems Off with Your Computer, Get Help Before It’s Too Late

Is your computer acting glitchy, running slowly, or generally performing below expectations? Computer problems have many possible sources, but very often, viruses, malware, and spyware are the culprits. Even with up-to-date antivirus protection, your system may still face some risk as these dangerous programs increase in number each and every day. While your antivirus program provides essential protection, your own actions also may lead to infection; hackers work hard to disguise their programs within everyday internet and email operations.  If you suspect an infection on your computer or laptop, you should seek the services of a computer repair professional, like those at Ask Erik Computer Services. The longer you wait, the more damage you face, as well as the potential for lost data and fraud.


Why Do I Need Professional Help for Virus Removal?

When it comes to infected operating systems, stop what you are doing right now and call us. As you tinker with your system in hopes of a resolution, you increase the likelihood that you further damage your files and equipment.  Virus removal involves care, experience, and the awareness of how these programs infiltrate every aspect of your system. We know that, when your computer functions below expectations, you feel impatient and anxious, which leads to misguided efforts toward fast fixes. Through our professional computer clean-up services, we work to diagnose and treat problems, as well as improve your computer’s performance. We strive to preserve every last bit of data we can, while also improving your current system’s protections against future threats. Far too often, viruses cause people to assume that their very expensive equipment has suddenly become a lost cause. Very often, we are able to clean systems, preserve data, and restore optimum functionality. With one service call to Ask Erik Computer Services, you may save both your system and your wallet.

If you suspect something is “off” with your computer or laptop, contact us at 562-443-4720 as soon as possible. Let us get you back online and help you remain worry free for years to come.