Do your emails end up in the inbox? – Ask Erik Email Deliverability and Monitioring Service

  1. Email Setup Assessment – We create a detailed assessment of your outbound email systems to identify all internal and external senders. Evaluate email delivery-specific DNS configuration (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI).
  2. DMARC Onboarding – Introduction to DMARC report data, DMARC compliance, and goal-setting for DMARC enforcement.
  3. Implementation – Assistance in getting set up with SPF and DKIM records.
  4. Data Analysis – Analyze your incoming DMARC Report data to identify issues with DMARC compliance, SPF/DKIM delivery problems, potential phishing threats, and misconfigured senders.
  5. Policy Optimization – Incremental adjustment of DMARC, DKIM, and SPF policies to improve your compliance and optimize your email deliverability.
  6. Proactive Monitoring and Alerting – Our experts evaluate the performance of your email and make recommendations to improve email delivery or head-off emerging issues.
  7. Improving your Delivery Policy – Partner with us in improving your domain(s) DMARC policy to 100% quarantine or reject to protect your domain from phishing threats.
  8. On-going Maintenance – New email services get added, new threats emerge, email standards evolve, and Ask Erik Computer Services Experts are there to constantly maintain the best possible email delivery for your business.
  9. Recommended Best Practices – keeps you and your team up to date on current email delivery best practices to ensure your email system has the latest improvements.