Protect Your Computer

Ensuring you have proper security protocols in place for your computer is essential, whether you are a beginner or an old pro, a casual user or an avid user.   There are some basics you should be aware of to ensure that you are protected.

If you don’t know how to do any of this yourself, it is vital that you hire a pro to help ensure you, your computer and your data are all safe.

You want to avoid computer crashes, lost data, stolen data, identity theft and viruses.

Vulnerabilities in software are an unfortunate reality, creating the need for patches to be downloaded and installed to plug security holes.  In many cases you will be prompted to check for or download updates but in some cases, you may have to check manually.  A preventative maintenance plan would help you keep things updated as they should be.

Use anti-virus software and ensure you keep the definitions updated.  Set the software to scan regularly and automatically.  If you need help getting it set up and configured, let us know!

When online or emailing, please don’t fall victim to scams, hoaxes or emails phishing for information.  Keep all of your personal and financial data secure and don’t trust anyone that contacts you to ask for secure information.  If you receive an email requesting any sensitive data, do not respond or click on links.  You can visit the website of the company and call their main contact phone number to inquire if the email request was valid.

Be sure that you always use complex passwords that can’t easily be figured out. It is also a good idea to use different passwords for different accounts.  If you use the same password everywhere, all of your accounts could be compromised if the password is figured out or stolen.

Much like a car, regularly scheduled maintenance keeps your computer safe and running smooth. Preventative computer maintenance is a must, and professional help in this area is important, especially if you aren’t a power-user and able to troubleshoot or fix errors or security holes on your own.

With the proper precautions in place, you can protect yourself, your information and your computer.  If you aren’t sure if your computer is properly protected, come on in for an assessment and we’ll ensure you are taken care of!



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